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Product CodeBore Size (mm)Bore TypeMax Load (Kg)
H250/45/PBM 3030PB1300
H250/45/KM 3030K1300
H250/45/BJM 3030BJ1300
H250/45/TBM 3030TB1300
H250/45/PBM 3535PB1300
H250/45/KM 3535K1300
H250/45/TBM 3535TB1200
H250/45/PBM 4040PB1300
H250/45/KM 4040K1300

Measurement Suffix: ´M´ = Metric, ´I´ = Imperial.
Bore Types:
BJ = Ball Journal Bearing
TB = Taper Roller bearing
NRB = Needle Roller Bearing
PB = Plain bore
K = Keyway
SL = Self lubricating bush
Alternative bore/bearing diameters and alternative bearing types (i.e. bronze bushes, self-lubricating bushes, roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, etc.) are available to order - see ´Design Data´ para. 6.0.
Plain bore wheels are not drilled and tapped for greasing unless requested at time of order.

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